New Opportunities Organization, through its Family First Charter School and New Opportunities Charter School, provides adult students the opportunity to complete their high school diploma requirements. Our schools offer several pathways to meet the demands of busy adults, including morning and evening classes. We opened our doors on September 16, 2013. Since then we have grown to 6 different locations in the major Los Angeles area.

New Opportunities Organization strives to significantly impact the lives of disenfranchised students by arming them with academic and world life skills needed to be successful contributors to society.

New Opportunities Organization provides disenfranchised and at risk populations the training for academic, vocational, social and emotional skills required for obtaining work skills and successful participation or re-entry to society as effective, participating and productive citizens. By providing programs relevant to the identified needs of disenfranchised individuals, our mission is to break the cycles of recidivism and failure.

Dramatically increase the education level of at risk adults.
Reduce recidivism.
Reengage disenfranchised population in education.
Enable students to gain practical work skills.
Increase self-esteem and confidence.
Create a working model for other schools servicing the at risk adult population.